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Power under control

I know with almost 100% assurance that if any of us had the wealth and power of Sam Walton, everybody would know it. What if Sam left his empire to us? What would we do, how would we handle it? Would we continue to drive the same vehicle and live in the same house we have at this moment? Personally my entire lifestyle would get a total upgrade. As I'm sure the rest of you would do the same. And how many of us would continue to come to Sunday School, church and bible study? With unlimited wealth and power, you really wouldn't have any more excuses for your absences. No more 'I had to work a double shift, so I slept in Sunday morning'. Or 'I was having car trouble and couldn't get a ride'. And would our whole attitude change about issues in the world that we pray about on a regular basis? Hunger, homelessness, race relations, healthcare, human-trafficking. Would we continue to pray for these problems plagueing our society or would we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear because we now would think we are better than everybody else? In the spiritual realm humility or meekness is an element of the fruit of the spirit. Pride is of the flesh and the bible speaks of how God hates it. When we are prideful and boastful it is all about us, and God cannot use us. There are people who have unlimited wealth, power and status and you would never know it because they continue to be humle and modest. But wealth, power, status and humility don't mean anything if you haven't been born again. When we are born again believers, we serve a God that owns all the riches and has more power than anyone or anything in this world. We serve the almighty, all powerful King that will supply all our needs if we just ask Him. But we can't go to God with a prideful, boastful heart until we ask for forgiveness, and take on His spirit of humility and reach out and love and help our fellow man. When you think about it, true believers already have access to unlimited power and wealth if we just hold to God's unchanging hand.

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